Monday, November 7, 2011

Brunello di Montalcino - Cerbaiona

We were fortunate to have dinner with the founders of Cerbaiona "Diego and Nora Molinari" while recently in Montalcino tasting some wonderful brunelli and rosso's to bring to Australia.

We were at the villa of Sandra and Roberto, owners of Querce Bettina makers of another wonderful Brunello.

Diego left, Nora third from left, Roberto is at the head of  the table and Carolyna closest on right

Looking toward Diego with Sandra from Querce Bettina closest

Roberto and Sandra were kind enough to open a Cerbaiona Brunello di Montalcino 1982.

It was a wonderful wine for such age and it further confirmed to us what great maturing potential the Brunelli have.  The Brunello was opened about 5 hours before we arrived.

It was vibrant with great colour and freshness. There were no signs of substantive age, it had superb balance of acid and tanin together with a longish finish which did not overpower the senses.

It was a superb wine. Unfortunately it all went too quickly.
The first vintage from Cerbaiona was 1981 so we were fortunate to taste this beautiful wine. They only make 8,000 bottles of Brunello and 5,000 bottles of Rosso every year

The 1982 Brunello from Cerbaiona, complemented the wonderful food prepared especially for the dinner. Take a look at some of the food pictures below.

For primi piatti - a grand Mozzarella di bufala from Caserta in Campania.

Next came homemade Tagliatelle with liver and parmesan in brodo (chicken broth). A specialty of Verona.

Per secondo - main course - an amazing piece of roast beef with cotecchino sausage.

It was good to see "il Maestro" recovering from some recent poor health.

We hope to share more stories like this with you as we travel and meet with friends in Montalcino.