Thursday, October 17, 2013

Querce Bettina Brunello - Harvest 2013

Querce Bettina started to pick on the 28 September. It was the small wineyard called "Le Giuncaie"  about 5.500 square meters for 3600 kg of grapes estimate quantity of Brunello 2400 litres corresponding to 3,200 bottles. Alcohol obtained around 13.4% in line with their objective, strong aromas and perfumes, intensive colours. This will be their first cru.

The other vineyards matured later so the final pickings were on the 2 and 3 October.

The grapes were very healthy and the level of maturation was perfect: ph around 3.3 acidity around 7 mg/lt  sugar  220/235 gr corresponding to be converted in 13.2% alcohol. 

All this means that they will not need to protect their wines with strong quantities of stabilizers (sulphites or tannins).
At this moment Querce has finished their first fermentation and have already separated the skins and seeds.  Very good quality !!

Here are some pictures from the harvest

The grapes are ready,,,sangiovese at its best

baskets at the ready


They look good

The harvest

Roberto looks pained....sorry Roberto they look good to me

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