Monday, November 11, 2013


Le Chiuse - First time in Australia
One of the great Brunello producers with a long history and heritage


The origin of Le Chiuse is very old. It has been part of the estate of the Biondi Santi family since the first Brunello clone was grown.

The land was brought into the family as a dowry by the end of 1700 with the marriage of Mary Tamanti Clemente Santi. Her daughter Catherine married Jacopo Biondi and their son Ferruccio, great-grandfather of Simon Valiani (owner of Le Chiuse) respecting the wishes of the mother added the surname of the mother "Santi" to his. It was he who, after having fought alongside Garibaldi continued the work of his grandfather Clemente valuing and selecting the grapes to reach this particular clone of Sangiovese Grosso. This was on the Le Chiuse vineyard.

Tancredi , Ferruccio's son , bequeathed Le Chiuse and other two estates to his daughter Fiona, however, urging her to never sell this company because it was here that the famouse Brunello was born. From that moment Fiorella rented the farm to her brother Franco owner of the farm " Il Greppo which has cultivated vineyards and vinified the grapes until 1990. On the death in 1986 of Fiona Fiorella Simonetta Valiani who inherited from her grandfather Tancredi 's love for this land and the passion for wine, began producing their own Brunello at Le Chiuse. The commitment was big. With her husband Nicholas Magnelli and their son Lorenzo they restored the farm, the Chapel , built an underground cellar and planted new vineyards.

 Le Chiuse stands on the slopes of Montalcino and is renowned for its location. It enjoys an excellent microclimate. The extension of 15 hectares, the area planted is 6 acres, 5 of which are planted with Brunello. Despite being a young company, its origins are ancient, in fact part of his works is made up of very old vines. Inherited from Simonetta Valiani and further enhanced, confirmed the excellent wine production due not only to its favorable location, the careful processing of the vineyard and the use of advanced technologies in the cellar, focusing on the quality of the production.
   The wines of Le Chiuse will arrive in Australia for the first time in December 2013.
   These are highly rated wines with ratings including 3/3 bicchieri from Gambero Rosso,
   5/5 Gappoli     from 2000 Vini, Chiocciola from Slow Wine and 18/20 from L'Espresso