Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sassotondo winery - organic and biodynamic excellence

Sassotondo winery is located in the province of Grosseto in the Maremma area of Tuscany close to the towns of Pitigliano and Sovana.

Conducted according to the methods of organic farming utilising biodynamic techniques, Sassotondo is one of the most respected organic wineries in Tuscany.

The property covers 72 acres straddling the towns of Pitigliano and Sovano and occupies the foothills of the volcanic basin of Bolsena. The volcanic soils add a great dimension to the wines.

The vineyards, which fall in D.O.C. Bianco di Pitigliano and Sovana, dwell on a total area of ​​10 hectares, 8 red grapes and white grapes 2.

Ciliegiolo is an historic grape in Maremma, and is found in the old vineyard of San Lorenzo, its ideal terroir.

The production of Sassotondo is an expression of this powerful and mysterious territory: the unique grapes and a somewhat extreme environment, with the volcanic soil which gives rise to wines naturally concentrated, savory and spicy.

The owners are Carla Benini and Edvoardo Ventimiglia

It was 1992 when Edvoardo and Carla decided to buy this farm 6 km from Sovana and 5 km from Pitigliano, in the Maremma area of Tuscany. They called it then Sassotondo in honor of the stone of the area. Carla is a trained agronomist.
Carla and Edvoardo bought the vineyard in 1992. Ciliegiolo was grown there from the 70s.
For personal lifestyle choices, they adopted the biological regime and since 2007 they oriented to biodynamics. In the cellar they do not use yeast and use the lowest amount of sulfur.
They maintain non-interventionist winemaking. They respect the land and the vines in order to bring healthy grapes in the cellar.
They make a superb Ciliegiolo. Here are some of their wines.
They are now available in Australia through Italian Wine Importers.