Sunday, August 19, 2012


Our portfolio of Italian wines in Australia is blessed with some of the best Italian Red wines. But we were sadly lacking white wines. Our Tuscan region is not over-endowed with great white wines so we decided to go searching outside Tuscany for some.

Our search initially took us to Verona and one of Italy's great wine bars, Antica Bottega del Vino

Bottega del Vino is both a wine bar and restaurant. It is well known as having one of the most extensive (and best wine lists) in Italy.

Wonderful old vintages.

 And happy customers. Alan trying a few rosata's in the wine bar.

Where do we store all our wines?

The wonderful sommelier, Andrea, who took us under his wing and showed us a great collection of wines.

The Cantina of Bottega del Vino.

Okay Alan.....keep your hands in your pockets.

We expalined to Andrea what we were looking for..... a quality white wine from a boutique family run vineyard, typical of the style and tradition. This is one he recommended from the Portinari estate. Made from traditional Garganega we think this winemaker will be a great success in Australia.

They have three labels that we will import. Above is the Soave D.O.C. Santo Stefano 2007

Andrea and Alan discussing the opportunities in the cantina at Bottega del Vino.

Alan with Umberto (owner of Portinari) in their cantina.

The Portinari collection soon to arrive in Australia. 

The Portinari grapes maturing perfectly.

Ciaso a tutti

Carolyna e Alan