Thursday, August 9, 2012

Villa del Cigliano - a classic villa in Chianti

One of the wines we import into Australia is from the estate of Villa del Cigliano, in the northern part of the DOCG zone for Chianti Classico, near the village of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the Tuscan countryside, 20 km from the centre of Florence.
The Villa del Cigliano has been in the Antinori family since 1500. 

The villa was built in the second half of the 1400 on exsting medieval buildings. Alessandro di Niccolò Antinori bought it at the end of that century, and it still belongs to the descendants of Eleonora Antinori, recently deceased in 2001.

The courtyard of the Villa seen above is adorned by two round majolica garlands, attibuted to Giovanni della Robbia, with the coat of arms of the Antinori and the Tornabuoni families, commemorating the wedding between Alessandro Antinori and Giovanna Tornabuoni in 1513.

 Here is Alan discussing the villa with Anna and Roberto. Anna is the daughter of Eleonora Antinori.

The main courtyard is an open loggia with three arches, now closed with the windows.

A well in the centre of the courtyard.

The beautiful lounge sitting area which has a magnificient fireplace.

The Villa has a magnificent garden enclosed by high walls. It was designed around the middle of 1600 and is shaded by a 200 year old cedar. There is also a beautiful raised pond where the stunning reflexions of the baroque facade and the towering intricatly designed Neptune fountain can be seen.

 The statue of Neptune is flanked by a satyr and a dolphin from which water flows, it ends up in the pipes at the edge of the garden. The construction of the statue dates back to the early eighteenth century, at the initiative of Vincenzo Antinori. Among the plants in the walled garden is a large cedar from Lebanon and many flowering plants that date from the late nineteenth century.



Looking back to the villa from the garden over the pond

Alan, Niccolo' (Roberto and Anna's son), Roberto and Anna enjoying a glass of Rosata in the garden.
Cigliano of course

At night, a full moon over Neptunes fountain

Ciao a tutti

Alan e Carolyna